Dr. Sun Yat Sen (1866-1925)

The founding father of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun Yat- sen, was born of peasant parentage on November 12, 1866, in Tsuiheng village, Hsiangshan county, Kwangtung province of China. Well known to the world as Dr. Sun Yat-sen , he was originally named Sun Wen, which was changed to Sun Chung-shan during the period of his revolution. At the age of 13, he went to Honolulu with his mother to join his brother, Mr. Sun Teh-chang. At 18, he returned to China, and several years later entered The College of Medicine for Chinese, Hongkong. Seeing his own government, the Ching Dynasty, rotton to the core, and to powers of the world treat China with unequality, Dr. Sun then made up his mind to engage in revolutionary activities and to overthrow the Manchu rulers of the Ching Dynasty. The revolutionary organizatoins under his leadership were named "Hsin Chung Hui", and then "Tung Men Hui" , which unified patriotic countrymen and gained big support from overseas Chinese. Though all ten successive uprisings failed, Dr. Sun was not frustrated. The failure, however, helped to inspire the successful Wuchang uprising in 1911. The first democracy in Asia, the Republic of China was finally established.

Unfortunately, some ambitious warlords still conld not give up their power seized in hand and thus messed up the political situation. Dr. Sun then called out people for war against them. He directed a national campaign against Yuan Shih-kai in order to unify the nation under the Provisional Law. During the following years, he concentrated on improving the party affairs. He founded Whampoa Military Academy to reinforce the revolutionary strength. Besides, he gave lectures on his The Three Principles of the People and The Quintuple-Power Constitution , wich were regarded as foundations of national reconstruction . When the unification of China was expected to accomplish, Dr. Sun Yat-sen passed away at the age of 60 . Nevertheless, the chaotic China affairs still haunted on his mind; he left the last words, "Strive for peace! Save China!" on his death bed, leaving a great image to the world and arousing forever mourning and respect among all Chinese people.

Source: http://peacock.tnjc.edu.tw/TENS/DRSUN.html

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