It is indeed a great pleasure for me to welcome you to the Institute for Policy Research’s (IKD) Homepage.

This homepage is developed partly as our response to the Malaysian leadership’s challenge to the "Multimedia Super Corridor" (MSC) generation, and partly because of our realisation that our concerns and activities should also reach a wider audience world wide. We believe that the use of internet will be of great help to our research and other related programs through the exchange of views and ideas amongst the net-surfers.

The Institute for Policy Research, in line with its role as a research centre, has organised various activities such as conferences, seminars, intellectual forum and training. In this new era of technology, we believe that our friends, many of whom participate in our programs, can keep in touch with us. We also hope to have new friends amongst those who share our ideas to contribute positively to our programs and activities.

Dato Kamarudin Jaffar

The IKD Chairman

Therefore, I fervently hope that you will benefit from our homepage.

Thank you.

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