Since its formation in late 1985, IKD has undertaken the task of researching into social, political aand economic issues which aare then disseminated to the society at large to be contemplated, thought-out and acted on by the relevant parties. However, IKD also stands to benefit from its interaction with various sectors of the society. The Institute also plays advocacy roles on some issues to ensure that they receive wider attention in the society.

IKD was established with the following objectives:

To carry out, collaborate with and promote systematic research relating to economic and social development in Malaysia with special reference to the development of man as the prequisite to other forms of development

To conduct studies on the spiritual, moral and ethical relevance of religious beliefs and principle in the development of strategic policies and goals.

To provide a forum for scholars, policy makers, and other interested parties to interact, discuss and formulate ideas for positive development and embark on publication programs (books, monographs, journal and buletin) which can induce creative, critical and guiding ideas on important socio-economic, political and cultural issues.

To organise and conduct conferences, seminaars, group discussion and public lectures for profesionals, administrators, social activists, youth and student leaders as well as the general public so as to inculcate a sense of awareness, responsibility and accountability towards a holistic development of the nation.

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