1996 Speeches

9 January 1996: The Second Pacific Dialogue at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur
5 March 1996: The Conference on "Islam in South-East Asia", Kuala Lumpur
7 March 1996: The Internet World '96
7-9 March 1996: The "JIIA-ISIS Malaysia Symposium on East Asian Economies: Sustaining Growth and Stability, Kuala Lumpur
26 March 1996: The Start of Printing in Malaysia of the Asian Wall Street Journal, Kuala Lumpur
1 May 1996: The Asian Development Bank Twenty-Ninth Annual Meeting, Philippine
2 May 1996: Asian Renaissance and the Reconstruction of Civilisation, Philippines
25 May 1996: The Tenth Congress of Southeast Asian Libraries, Kuala Lumpur
13 June 1996: The Second Meeting of The ICA Regional Assembly for Asia and Pacific, Kuala Lumpur
17 June 1996: The Ministerial Meeting on ASEAN-MEKONG Basin Development, Kuala Lumpur
14 July 1996: The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London
15 July 1996: The International Conference on Environment and Public Health, Kuala Lumpur
30 July 1996: Second Langkawi International Dialogue -- Smart Partnership for Global Co-operative Prosperity, Langkawi
1 August 1996: The Asia Oil and Gas Conference & exhibition 1996
23 August 1996: The International Conference on The Philippine Revolution and Beyond, Manila
26 August 1996: The 21st Commonwealth Broadcasters Association General Conference, Kuala Lumpur
16 September 1996: The International Conference on "Corporate Governance- challenges & Responses, Kuala Lumpur
3 October 1996: The Joint IMF/WORLD Annual Meetings, Washington D.C.
7 October 1996: The Opening of the 14th Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA) Conference, Kuala Lumpur
17 October 1996: The Opening of Western Digital, Kuala Lumpur
6 December 1996: The Opening of The Sixth Malaysia-Singapore Forum, Kuala Lumpur
8 December 1996: The Closing of The International Islamic Forum for Science, Technology and Human Resources Development, Jakarta

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