Sayyed Jamalludin Afghani (1837- 97)

In the up and downs of the Ulama's struggle against despotism and colonization, we come across many bright and wonderful names among which are those which are not only brilliant, but serve as a turning point in history and as a founder of a school of thought and pioneer of a new idea in our memories.

Sayyed Jamalludin Afghani is one of these names. Sayyed Jamalludin Hussaini Afghani was born in 1837 in Asadabad, Konar, Afghanistan. He is considered one of the most important and effective pioneers of the awakening in the east, in the darkest period of the deprived nations of this region. He is remembered as an indefatigable fighter for the Islamic renaissance of the last century and a most staunch supporter and founder of the unity of Islamic nations, and a true and capable combatant for the revival of the former greatness and glory of Islam and Islamic nations in our history.

Now, over hundred years have passed since Sayyed Jamalludin's death. Owing to his amazing personality, and his wholly venturesome spirit, his new and unheard of thoughts and views, which were hope-inspiring for the deprived people, and fearful for the selfish agents of despotism and colonization, during this period that has passed since his death, many books, pamphlets, articles and reports have been written and published concerning his life and political ideas. The number of such written books and pamphlets which are in Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and English is more than hundreds, and if we include the short and long articles printed in newspapers and journals, the number goes beyond several thousands.

But it is surprising and unfortunate, that despite all these writings, his real character is not yet recognized and the ambiguity about this adventurous and amazing personality has not been removed.

This crusading Alim rose up in the darkest era of the life of eastern nations, at the time when the tyrannical domination of colonization was rampant in Islamic nations and at the height of conflicting international thoughts, and defended Islam and its authentic principles against various materialistic, political and philosophical schools of thought.

What gives a particular value and credit to Sayyed Jamal's struggles is the extent to which his thoughts were spread in all Islamic lands and his efforts for the welfare and salvation of world Muslims. From the very beginning of his struggle, he called upon all the followers of Islam to begin an unending and irreconcilable fight against world-devouring colonizers, and an infinite endeavor in the revival of the past greatness of Islam so that freedom, independence, honor and respect for world Muslims could be attained, in a way which would be worthy of the followers of this great religion.


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