The organisational  structure of the institute consists of the Board of Trustess, the Panel of Consultants (FIM) and Management as well as the team of support staff. The main function of the Board is to formulate policies and guidelines under which IKD should operate. The board also appoints one of its member to be the Chairrman of the Institute.

The Panel of Consultants (FIM) consists of distinguished members of society whose role is to evaluate and advise the manaagement on research, publication aand other activities undertaken by the Institute. They also serve as resource persons as well as representatives of IKD and participate in its discussion, seminars and othe public forums.

The management Committee is made up of the Director, Deputy Director, and Head of Units. At present there are seven units in operation, namely Administration, Finance, Conference, Research and Training, Resource Centre, Publication and Public Affairs.


The Institute is funded mainly by private sources

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