The Institute's main activities consists of meeting programmes, research, publication and regional co-operation

Meeting Programmes

Intellectual Discourses: These meetings feature speakers addressing current issues and topics of interest to social and cultural activists.

Seminars/Conferences/Workshops: These activities are held to disseminate information, especially to policy makers in the government and the corporate and other non-government sectors.

Training Courses: Training is conducted in areas of organisational management, leadership and entrepreneurship training for youths, social activists, students and other groups.


IKD, both on its own and in cooperation with universities and other organizations, carries out research into such areas as national integration, regional cooperation, culture and the arts, labour, entrepreneurship and industrialisation and urbanisation.


IKD's publication programme is focused on writings (books and monographs) concerning nation building, the environment, ethics, scientific culture, youth development, the role of religion in society and the promotion of good values. The institute aalso publishes a quaterly bulletin (Bulletin IKD), a half-yearly journal (Dasar) and collection of articles aand working papers presented at the Institute's many seminars and conferences.


International conferences and meetings are organised from time to time to promote regional and international understanding and cooperation. IKD is also actively working to strengthen bilateral relations with countries neighbouring Malaysia while promoting better relations between ASEAN and their dialogue partners such as China, Japan and India.

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