The Institute believes in human development as the prerequisite to all national development programmes.

Although we are for high economic growth, our primary focus is the holistic development of the human being. When the physical, spiritual and mental dimensions of a person are developed in a balanced way, the result is an integrated personality that is able to deal effectively with the challenges facing him/her.

The Institute realises that for a nation to succeed, the youths should be kept occupied and their energy channelled into healthy activities.

At the Institute, we provide them training in character building, good citizenry, nation building, and organizational management. A series of seminars are conducted to revitalize universal humanistic values, courage, religious, tolerance and mutual respect especially in a plural society like Malaysia.

IKD believes in social justice.

The wealth of the country must be equitably shared and no group should be discriminated against on the basis of creed and ethnicity. In the wake of our economic success, no sector in the society should be marginalised by the mainstream economic development. We aim at building a just and caring society.

Industrialization and urbanization have changed the structure of the society and disrupted family life and values. The country's affluence has, to a certain extent, decreased the spirit of voluntarism among members of the society. All these need to be rectified in our effort to achieve an advanced country status and sustainable society in our own mould, whereby our cherished religious and Eastern values are not sacrificed.

The Institute recognizes women's contribution towards the well being of the country.

Both men and women have an important role to play in our nation building. It is the belief of IKD that national development can be better facilitated if our approach to the issue is one of complimentarity rather than adversary, between the genders.

With the increased role played by Malaysia and the region in the international arena, the institute also look outwards. Our involvement in promoting regional promoting regional cooperation stems from our belief that sharing the prosperity of the region is the prerequisite to regional stability. No one country or people should be excluded from this prosperity. Entry of new members into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) should be facilitated. The Institute supports multilateral efforts to ensure that the countries in the region with similar aspirations and interests will have a better platform to exchange and deal with the situations and challenges facing them.

Despite the diverse cultures, traditions, nationalities, religions, and ideologies, the peoples of this region are confident of living in harmony through shared values. Indeed, they have already been living together for centuries. In this, Southeast Asia is making an important contribution to world peace endangered by narrow nationalism.

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